who we are

Integrity Drives Us

For over 40 years Car Solutions has helped credit unions increase their member satisfaction rates with products designed to relieve financial burden. Those products include extended warranties, GAP coverage, and roadside assistance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your members continue the journey to financial freedom and peace of mind that compliment your credit union’s mission.

mechanical breakdown protection

A Product Designed with Your Members in Mind.

A great way to protect your collateral and your member’s finances is with Mechanical Breakdown Protection. When purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, your members may have concerns about large out of pocket expenses due to repairs or breakdowns. Our MBP product relieves these concerns by covering virtually all mechanical and electrical components in the event of a breakdown or costly repair. if it’s on the list, we cover it and we pay it!

GAP Coverage

Reduce the Cost in the Event of a Loss.

In the event of a total loss to your member’s vehicle, there may be a difference in the actual cash value of the vehicle and the insurance payout. This could leave your member responsible for paying the remaining loan balance. Protect their finances and your collateral with our GAP coverage for total peace of mind.


Multiple Solutions to Help Quote the Right Protection.

Our quote system is currently compatible with most of the top loan origination systems on the market today. This allows a smooth transition for your credit union. In the unlikely event that your LOS isn’t on the list, we have expert programmers that will easily make adjustments to integrate us into your system.