You may feel hesitation to present car warranties to your members. Why do you think that is the case? Perhaps it’s due to the fact that your members receive multiple robocalls a day for this very product and automatically think all warranties are out to steal their money. Although these said robocalls are indeed a scam, that does not mean the products you offer have the same outcome. In fact, we have multiple ways to prove the opposite.

Why Are Car Warranties Important?

All vehicles breakdown, eventually. Think about it, how many cars have you owned that ended up in the shop for some sort of repair? Most, if not all, of the cars your member purchases will end up costing them money they didn’t expect to pay. No one can predict the future which is why this protection is important. It’s our job to put the member’s concerns foremost in our minds. Make them feel more comfortable by showing the transparency we provide when paying claims. Most consumers are afraid of purchasing an extended warranty because they think it either doesn’t truly exist, or it doesn’t pay claims.

Also, discuss with your members the added benefits of purchasing MBP. It’s not just about the avoidance of unexpected out of pocket costs. All members who purchase MBP through their credit union get perks like towing assistance, rental car reimbursement, and lodging assistance at no extra cost to them!

Why Are Consumers Falling Victim to Scams?

Did you know that car warranty robocalls were the top complaint filed by consumers in 2020? The fact that these scam robocalls are working proves that there is a desire for people to protect themselves from large out of pocket costs due to a vehicle breakdown. They just need to be informed on which company is trustworthy. Something as simple as giving the member more information could sway the assumptions about car warranties.

In 2016, The Federal Trade commission mailed more than $4 million in refunds to nearly 6,000 consumers who were conned by robocall extended warranties. How did these consumers find out they were victims of a scam? The main point being the warranty they purchased didn’t exist. The consumer didn’t realize it until their car needed a repair and they attempted to make a claim.

The Importance of an Informed Decision

You can also have confidence in presenting our products knowing that Car Solutions has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau. Almost all of the companies that end up scamming consumers get immediately reported to the FTC as well as the BBB. Your members can get peace of mind knowing that Car Solutions has never received 1 complaint from either.

The most common complaint from consumers who think warranties are a scam is that their contract didn’t cover a repair they thought it would. These types of complaints could easily be avoided by giving the member all the information provided to you. The last thing we want to do to the member is surprise them with an unexpected cost that ended up not being covered.