We at Car Solutions want to recognize Brooke as an outstanding performer with member service. In this month’s issue, we had the pleasure of interviewing Brooke to really take a deep dive on what steps she takes when presenting the products.

How long have you been working at your credit union?

Brooke: “I have been with my credit union for 16 years.”

What makes a difference in your presentation to your members?

Brooke: “I feel like when I interact with members, I try to be as knowledgeable as possible because I care and want to help them. After all, it is my job to help them. We have plenty of members that come into our credit union with questions regarding loan products or protection products and I strive to be a trusted source of information.”

How do you approach presenting to each member?

Brooke: “I treat it like it’s a requirement because it is. I present all the products we offer during the process because that’s how I was trained and that’s just what I do. I tell them that these are the products we offer, this is how it protects you, and here are some examples of how these products have helped other members.”

Do you have a strong relationship with your members?

Brooke: “I would say I have the same relationship with both new and old members. I have some members who are friends outside the credit union, but I still treat all my members like they are friends. I built these relationships simply by doing my job. My credit union trains me to present all information to them, so that’s what I do. It also made me popular with non-members and I end up helping them the same way.”

How have you adapted to working remotely?

Brooke: “I didn’t like it at first. I had to get used to a bunch of different things. I thought, ‘How am I going to sell products this way?’ Of course, once I got all the items I needed on the computer as well as the GAP and MBP documents, it became a lot easier. Now I can send everything in one email to the member and discuss what is on each page while I have them on the phone.”

Has working remotely made it more difficult to close loans?

Brooke: “Not really, I haven’t missed a beat. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but most days I am doing just as well if not better than when I was in the office. My members still call me asking me when we are opening back up because they want to come by and see me and I do miss seeing everyone face to face. I’m a people person and I enjoy that interaction, but I had to adapt.”

Have you ever had a member say they didn’t want the added coverage, but end up purchasing it?

Brooke: “I have had that. I always find when people have to sign a document that states they are declining something, it makes them pay more attention to the details of the product. I still get members calling me wanting to use their warranty and I have to tell them, ‘I’m sorry, but you declined it by signing right here.’ So, I have had members not want the products, but after I explain to them what it does, they end up realizing they need it.”

How many loans do you close that end up purchasing protection products as well?

Brooke: “Since January, I have quoted 325 loans and sold 107 warranties.”

Do you try to find a need that the member isn’t aware of when you present products?

Brooke: “I do, I always tell them, anytime you are purchasing a used vehicle, you don’t know how it was treated in the past. You don’t know if the seller is telling the truth or trying to hide something. That’s why you should purchase MBP to cover that uncertainty. If they are purchasing a new vehicle, I always discuss their NADA value compared to their loan amount and how they could be responsible for paying that difference if the car is totaled, which is why it’s a good idea to include GAP coverage. I have plenty of stories from members in the past who have had both scenarios happen to them and I’ll just give that as an example.”

Do you purchase warranty products for your vehicles?

Brooke: “When I was younger, I used to never buy warranty products. I would always tell the person no because it’s just adding money to my loan, but back then I could rely on family to help fix my car when I needed it. As I got older, I realized I wouldn’t always have that, so I decided to purchase a warranty for my safety and security.”

Do you have any advice for a new loan officer?

Brooke: “Study your product as much as you can. Knowing more details about the product can help you be prepared to answer questions from your members. What works best for me is just make it simple. Tell the member what the product is, how much it costs, how it can benefit them, and you’ll do fine.”