As we dive into 2022, it’s important to draw out a plan of attack. Take time to set goals and benchmarks throughout the new year for the benefit of you and your credit union.

The Rewards of Goal Setting

  • Set yourself up for success
  • Realize your potential
  • Increase your visibility with management

Set Benchmarks

When you are given a large project, it may seem overwhelming. Try breaking it up into smaller pieces like benchmarks. Estimate how long each will take to complete and place them on your calendar or agenda periodically. Every time you complete a benchmark, reward yourself.

Take Time to Reward Yourself

As you work further into completing your benchmarks, it’s important to take time throughout the day to reward yourself for a job well done. Something as simple as taking a 15-minute break can give your mind a reset to prepare for the next goal of the day. Studies have shown that when employees work for longer than 90 minutes on a project, their productivity drops significantly. Small breaks every hour decreases mental fatigue, stress, and increases

Compare Your Productivity to 2021

Once you get into the rhythm of setting goals and completing benchmarks, you will be able to compare your results from the previous year. Even if it’s your first time trying this method of motivation, you will notice a significant change in your productivity. You may also find yourself getting excited to tackle the next goal on your agenda. Your full potential awaits!